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What is YOUACO - little bit about us and our method

The story of Raanan and YOUACO

My name is Raanan Haas, an occupational psychologist with decades of experience, former head of the social division of the Association of Psychologists, the developer of the methodology of YOUACO and "A man of the sea in all my essence. I discovered the wonders of the sea during my military service as an officer in the Navy, and ever since, the sea has been a call to the journey for me. When I go on a cruise, I know exactly where I want to go. I don't let the waves sweep me away and the wind carry me everywhere... I direct the ship with a confident hand, even in the face of the inevitable turbulence of the road. What gives me the will and the determination to move forward is the clear inner knowledge - what awaits me at the end of the journey". "I believe that each person has his own sea. and a goal that calls it". We have not come here to let life pass by us, or, alternatively, to let others dictate our lives, without recognizing within ourselves the true purpose for which we are here. We have the right to live our life to the maximum, but in today's reality, it is very easy to get carried away and get lost. We are inundated with a variety of tips. Plenty of career and study opportunities. Seductive slogans concocted by the best marketing minds. How do you decide?? When it comes to your future, there are mistakes that you cannot afford to make. for this we have developed YOUACO – an innovative psychological system that will help you understand what triggers you, what makes you good in life and where you should direct yourself. YOUACO takes out of the equation all the background noise – the whirl wind of social pressure, the sex background and cultural biases and the influence of the cold interests of the representatives of the various educational institutions. When all these noises are neutralized, what remains is - you. Who you came to this world to be. YOUACO not only shows you the destination on the map, but also directs you to it. With the help of the compass that YOUACO gives you, you know - not guessing, but you know - what are the possibilities of studies and careers that will open the door to an exciting life, a life in which you will realize your strengths and act out of internal fire.

How did the idea to establish YOUACO come about?

As a parent of teenagers, I witnessed firsthand the feelings of stress and confusion that flooded my children after they were finished high school. The "hot" topic at home was critical questions that kept my children and their friends busy non-stop – what am I going to do? What is right for me? And what will happen next? as a psychologist and as a father I realized that my way of really helping those I love, is to create a tool that will allow my children to get to know themselves better; A psychological tool that will help them make the right decision at the very beginning. The challenge was to take the rich experience I gained as an occupational psychologist, harness the power of technology and create an accessible online diagnostic tool, which will be available to anyone who wants to create their future and enjoy the incredibly accurate prediction ability offered by the psychology industry. After 5 years of development – we met this challenge and created a system that we are proud of, a system that to this day has given targeted answers to tens of thousands of users. We developed YOUACO because we care about you; Because it is important to us that you make the right choice. It's your turn! 😊

Our Team

Raanan Haas - Chief Organizational Occupational Psychologist

Organizational occupational psychologist, one of the leading in the country. Member of the Central Committee of the Association of Psychologists in Israel on behalf of the Occupational Social Division. Graduate of the Hadassah Institute for Occupational Counseling and Candidate's Screening. An expert with many years of experience in academic and career counseling in the methodology of "Performance based Psychology" for young people and those seeking a second and third career, he is a consultant to a wide range of organizations, including government and public organizations.

Advisory Board

Dr. Shabtai Lobel

He holds bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees from Bar Ilan University, served for many years as ceo and vice president of Bar-Ilan University and chairman of the committee of university CEO's. In 2012, in recognition of his great work and special contribution in the field of academic education, he received the Education Award from the Israeli Media and Press Association at an event in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for the Development of the Negev and the Galilee, and in the presence of people from academia and the security establishment. In recent years, Dr. Lobel has served as a consultant and mentor to many educational institutions.

Dr. Avigdor Riemer

He holds a PhD in psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was one of the founders of the Pilat Ltd. and the company's chief psychologist for many years. Dr. Riemer has extensive experience in the psychometric field and is a sought-after lecturer in psychology at universities and colleges. In recent years, he was the head of the psychology department at the Western Galilee Academic College.

Dr. Yitzhak Weiss

Dr. Yitzhak Weiss holds a B.A. in Behavioral Sciences, an M.A. in Social, Organizational and Occupational Psychology from the Department of Psychology of Bar Ilan University. His doctoral dissertation was written in the field of education at Bar-Ilan University and in recent years has lectured and taught statistics, research methods and occupational psychology at Bar-Ilan University and many colleges.

Dr. Avi Schneider

Dr. Avi Schneider holds a B.A. in Behavioral Sciences and an M.A. in Organizational Consulting and Development from the School of Behavioral Sciences at the College of Management Academic Studies. His doctoral dissertation was written in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. In recent years, Dr. Schneider has headed the School of Organizational Behavior of the College of Management and is a charismatic and sought-after lecturer.